When the School of Martial Arts (SOMA) 'loosely' started, back in 1994, it catered for the Student Faculty, however, as time went on and by word of mouth, 'Community users' who used the sports complex, saw what the School was doing and more non - students began to join us. Up to this point SOMA operated only during the academic terms.

By the commencement of year 2000, things had changed, we now have a good split of both University Students from Oxford Brookes University and other Colleges Plus 'Community Users'.

Thanks to the Sports Director, we are now able to train throughout the academic calendar and holiday periods, with very good class attendance.

Because of the philosophy of the School of Martial Arts, being 'Open Style - Open Mind', we would welcome the opportunity to visit other Martial Art Schools, to share techniques - NOT to see who is best i.e., challenge each other, rather, learn from each other.

The School Of Martial Arts (SOMA), (part of the Oxford Martial Arts Institute), has been approached by recommendation of Oxford Brookes University, in September 1999, by "The President and Activities Coordinator of the Students Union at the Oxford College Of Further Education".

With the view of becoming part of their recommended extra curricular activities to teach Martial Arts and Self Defense techniques, not only to the students but to anyone on campus, from Security, to members of the Faculty.

To all those concerned within the "Union" and of course the students who attend the training sessions; We thank you for this opportunity and support, that you have given the School Of Martial Arts!

From members of Students etc., that have attended, and the feed back to the Sifu, from the Students Union, the School Of Martial Arts (SOMA) has been a great success.

This benchmark is even more poignant for SOMA, as we are the ONLY Martial Arts School, who will become "the" established and directly appointed authority working in conjunction with the Students Union.

We would also welcome taking part in any Martial Art Demonstration to complement an event, where ' something different would go down well. i.e., fighting/forms with 'Garden Implements', talks about Self Defense, with participation. In short, anything that can purvey the doctrines and philosophy of the 'arts' to a newcomer or experienced martial artist.

Currently at Oxford Brookes University, the Sifu has been asked to assist in the interior design of a purpose built Kwoon/Dojo to house SOMA and the other martial arts schools. Also taking this into consideration that it will be used for competition, and therefore, mat areas and layout as well as spectator space must be considered as well as, changing rooms, 'shrines', banners, flags etc., on schools, weapons and training apparatus.

Edward Digét PhD.
Sifu and Founder of the School of Martial Arts, Oxford.