About Us

Sansao isn't a style in itself; it translates literally to "free hand". Chinese martial arts typically have two components: taolu (form training) and sansao (practical application). Our school focuses on the practical application aspect, covering essential striking and grappling techniques applied to "what-if" scenarios. We practice an all-round martial arts system with none of the restrictions that a sport-based martial art might have, meaning we practice attacks with our fists, open hands, fingers, elbows, shoulders, forearms, knees and feet! A typical session will have you practicing a variety of techniques leading from an initial attack whether it be a punch, grab, kick etc.

Sifu Eddy has spent over 45 years involved in Chinese martial arts, with several years spent in mainland China, and Hong Kong, then in the UK in the 60's learning specifically Mantis, Wing Chun, White Crane and Dragon. He has fought professionally in the ring, as it is called now, "shoot fighting", and has taught the Special Branch Police and run several martial arts schools in London and Oxford.

Sansao started in 1994 at Oxford Brookes University catering for student and faculty body, but by 2004 drew students from the larger Oxford community including over 40 black-belts from other disciplines. Now based in Milton Keynes, the school is again open to gym members and the larger community alike.

Our Classes

We train on Friday evenings 7:30pm to 8:30pm at DW Fitness, Milton Keynes.  Sign in at reception (don't forget to register your license plate) then head to the upstairs studios.

What do our banners represent?
  • Patience 耐心

    While you are learning and watching, try not to get frustrated if something does not come easily or naturally to you - "nài xīn", be patient. To have a better understanding, do not be afraid to ask questions, the same questions that will have been asked many times already by your seniors at the school when they joined.

  • Endurance 鎮頂

    Lit. "unperturbed", learning and accepting the pain and discomfort you will go through. Doing your best at each session. Not missing training sessions for silly reasons. Striving to perfect what is being shown during lessons, and by training in your own time! Strength is not a necessity, perseverance is the main achiever.

  • Humility 謙虛

    Lit. "modesty", always be approachable by junior students. Always show respect to other styles of martial arts. Do not show off or boast to your peers or friends outside. Always be ready to help junior students. Do not show anger or discourteousness to a fellow student. Always introduce yourself to a new student, make them at ease, remember how you felt!

  • Completeness 完整

    The Outer Circle/Rim and Solid Inner Circle within represents the inner and outer fighting zones; the centre is you. It also signifies that you now have the wisdom of Patience, Endurance and Humility, and proven courage. Along with the various fighting abilities you have learned by actually asking the Sifu and Senior Students to train you, individually, for each 'Full Contact Combat' grading - which you have passed!