Question: What experience do I need?

Answer: None. We don’t assume any prior knowledge or fitness levels. The levels of experience vary from the complete beginner to 2nd dan grades from other styles, but don’t be intimidated – we are a friendly school with no ego or preconceptions. The training is full-contact from day one, but newcomers aren’t treated like punching bags – the intensity of the training will scale to your ability and experience.

Question: How are the sessions taught?

Answer: After a light warm up, the Sifu will take the class through a typical, ‘what if?’ attack – these scenarios usually come from suggestions the class. He will show the ‘Chinese’ way to defend oneself, then by prior arrangement, will ask one of the other dan grades ‘How does your style accomplish this?’ The school will then take part in this technique. The Sifu also becomes the student here – he wishes to learn as well!

Question: Do I need any equipment?

Answer: Generally no, but we sometimes enact scenarios where you would be holding a rucksack or a water bottle, so these are useful to have with you.

Question: Do you spar?

Answer: The simple answer is no, sparring is normally associated with sport.  You will not be taught a sport; thus is full-contact  self-defence.
Ask yourself the question: “If I get into a fight, is he/she going to really hurt me? If not, shall I ask them to wait while I go and get the protective sparring gear, then both of us can put it on, and we can ‘pretend’ to hit each other?”

Can I wear my own style of Gi/Hakima or uniform and if ‘graded’ wear my belt?

With pride – you have worked hard to attain that level!

What do I wear if I am a newcomer?

Preferably black track suit bottoms and a white T-shirt