Ki-ai Yamabushi Ryu Jujutsu – 1st Dan
S00 Bahk Dou (Tang S00 do) – Sen beh
Kempo Jujutsu – Basic level
Muay Thai

I joined S.O.M.A. in October 1997 while at Brookes.

I came along and watched all the martial arts that were on offer and was intrigued by the fluidity of movement and close range of engagement that was being taught. It was different but at the same time I felt that it would build upon my previous experience.

The fact that I was welcomed and have my opinions and knowledge integrated into the lesson instead of having to put it aside was very refreshing.

As any technique can work given the right circumstances it is good to pressure test them and this is also covered at SOMA. The best demonstration of this is the grading procedure.

Although self defence is the primary aim of training at SOMA, I was also privileged to learn from Sifu Diget some of the traditional forms of White Crane, Wing Chun, Mantis, Mok Jong (wooden man) and Kwan, which I still enjoy practising.

Luke Hutchinson November 2001