Catherine Fewtrell
Orange Sash in Wutan Style/Teachings

I have been studying Kung Fu, (Wutan), for 7 years, this style teaches, amongst other things Crane, Wing Chun and Praying Mantis.

Although I started with Tai Chi I wanted something more physical and it so happened that my teacher was a Sifu in the Chinese Wutan School.

I was hooked!

It is the only thing that has constantly kept my interest throughout my life, that being, Martial Arts

I initially started martial arts because I needed an outside interest away from the pub in which I worked and to give me more focus, patience and just as important, keep me away from booze – which I still like!

About a year ago I heard about the School of Martial Arts at Oxford Brookes University – and I thought I would investigate as this was a Kung Fu school.

SOMA is a very practical combination of the styles that I have been training in, the difference being, it is not taught traditionally, as I am being taught, it focuses on the various applications drawn from these styles that the Sifu, who has had 35 years experience in learning and teaching in very realistic ‘what if ?’ situations.

It is a school that invites questions and scenarios with a particular emphasis on there being ‘no such thing as an ultimate martial art’.

This reflects in the way the different attacks and defense situations are created, either by suggestion by the Sifu, or conversely from us, the students.

Some of these ‘students’ include many high-grade black belts in other styles being taught by the Sifu and make these scenarios more interesting as they are based on their particular knowledge and experience.

I like SOMA because it complements the Kung Fu I have already learned and am continuing to learn from Wutan.

It gives me all the above AND added to this an incredible friendly atmosphere that makes studying / learning within this school an absolute pleasure – a sentiment shared by us all.

Thank You Eddy