There is no such thing as an ultimate Martial Art

If there was, all the special services such as the army, air force and navy plus all the civil authorities would seek out such a Martial Art.  It would therefore be restricted to the aforementioned only, thus making it a “closed style”.

When you consider that there must be over 300 martial art styles being practiced throughout the world, you would think that from so many one would be selected as best, but this is not the case.

Many instructors, sensei, saban, sifu, teachers spend years learning their chosen martial art from their teacher; this student, then becomes a teacher, passing over their experience in turn, to their students.

Martial Arts in our opinion, is alive, evolves, does not stagnate, and moves with the times.

Many students of martial arts, whether they are a newcomer or an experienced practitioner, seek out a style that they believe in.  It is not necessarily for self-defence as many forms of martial arts are learned for their beauty, movement and spiritual “access”.  The first timer who is seeking to learn a martial art from so many is sometimes is left completely baffled, undecided and confused by what they hear and see.

Each school is proud of what they teach and the reasons why it is taught.  Therefore, the inquirer will only be told what that school can offer and rightly so, as the teacher has spent many years learning and perfecting their art.  It would take many years for any individual to understand or comprehend what each martial art can offer, and that individual would be a long time dead before they could scratch the surface to the knowledge that each teacher has gained over the years.

So how can we as teachers, become better teachers?  Firstly, by learning more ourselves, therefore having more knowledge to be able to answer questions about other martial arts styles from our students!  In doing so, we endorse our status as teachers, being able to explain with more understanding what can be offered to a student, no matter at what level, or martial art previously studied, openly and freely!

The philosophy of Sansao is based on “Open Style – Open Mind”, the focus of the training being practical application in as near realistic situations as is possible i.e. an individual defending an unprovoked attack whilst sitting down, lying down, standing at a bus stop, walking out of a nightclub, sitting at a bar, etc.

The Sifu will commence with the “Chinese” way of the technique, then will request one of the black belts in attendance, to demonstrate how they, in their style, would attack and defend in such a situation.

This environment is NOT to see which style can beat another, it is completely the reverse of such a statement; the fundamental essence being that it is to show students, no matter at what level, the variants that can be used in such a volatile environment.

From day one the Sifu has set out not to turn the school into a specific style, whether it be Chinese or otherwise; it is a place to learn about martial arts, freely and openly, where questions, and hopefully answers, can be obtained.  You will not be taught a purist martial art.