Sean Moroney
2nd Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

My name is Sean Moroney and I’ve been doing martial arts on and off for the last 14 years. At 18 I started with free style Karate in Ireland where I was studying. I achieved a brown belt in this before moving into Tae-Kwon-Do which I joined because it was more structured, disciplined, with better kicking techniques.
In 1995 I achieved my 2nd degree black belt before moving overseas to the Middle East for employment reasons. Whilst there my training was halted due to some serious sports injuries and the lack of facilities available.

On my return to the UK in 1998 I was anxious to continue with my training but did not want to return to Tae-Kwon-Do as I wanted to try something different and expand on my knowledge.

After consideration of different martial arts I commenced training with SOMA in November 1998.

Although the class is not demanding physically, the offensive and defensive moves which are taught, are more technical, very skilled and would be very useful in a realistic situation.

This style is completely different to any previous training I have done, and I know that it will take years of training to become efficient.

It is now my aim to achieve a high level within this association as I believe this style of defence will prepare me better for the hazards of a real life situation.

I would also hope that the combination of SOMA and Tae-Kwon-Do would make me a better
all – round martial artist.

The above Testimonial was signed Sean Moroney, February 1999.
(Sifu) 11 June 1999