Jer Jang
JangJa Tao KungFu
Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt) Chuugokudenrai Wadu-Ryu
National Taiwanese Full League Champion 2000-2001
National Taiwanese Full League Champion 2003-2004

I started training when I was 5 years old, taught by my dad, although I never really wanted to train, I much preferred to watch cartoons!

It all changed on one day. I was introduced to a family friend who brought along a film by an unknown martial artist, this martial artist was called Li Lian Jie, or Jet Li.

At the time, I had very little interest in watching this Jet Li, I was more interested in watching some more Transformers (dubbed in Chinese no less!).

The family friend popped in the Jet Li movie and for the next 90 minutes I was captivated. Immediately after watching that film I felt a sense of wonder, I wanted to be able to do that Jet Li did! I needed to find a kungfu teacher!! I wanted to learn kungfu!!

I had no idea that what I had been learning was a martial art, to me, it seemed like pointless ways to make me tired, from that time onwards, I practised with “Wulin” spirit.

When I joined SOMA, it was almost if I were watching that very first Jet Li film again. The atmosphere was very friendly, I felt welcome immediately and the teaching is beyond reproach.

The techniques taught have real practical uses and each method is taught in such a way that both beginners and experts lean and understand the subtleties. I have enjoyed every lesson and I feel privileged to be able to train with such a school.

Thank you Sifu