Shi Heng Xuan
35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk

The Shaolin Warrior Monks from their Temple in Mainland China, had observed ‘The School Of Martial Arts’ – SOMA, before, but by mutual request stated that did not wish our Sifu and Founder, to be informed.

However, on Wednesday 20th May, 2004, SOMA was again visited by the above Shaolin Warrior Monk and by his personal request, to be formally introduced to our Founder and Sifu, Dr. Edward Digét.

Jer Jang was left to co-ordinate this meeting – Jer is the official liaison officer and translator for the Shaolin Warrior Monks while in England.

He is also the Taiwanese ‘Open Champion’ for 2003 and 2004 and a ‘student’ of SOMA.

Gifts were exchanged and the SOMA session he attended was dedicated to Shi Heng Xuan.

Jer Jang told our Sifu that Shi Heng Xuan, was very pleased at what he saw and felt that the techniques shown were demonstrated with true “Wu De Spirit”, as was the teaching (although our Sifu is not Chinese).

Shi Heng Xuan also commented that, “Traditionally the title of Sifu, may only be granted by 5 other Masters, of which even if one Master should disagree, then that person would not gain his teacher, (Sifu) ranking”!

“However the rank of Sifu, may also be granted by any Shaolin, Wu Dan Master or an Emei Master”.

He continued, with that in mind, “I can say with no doubt in my/our mind, from your Teacher’s obvious knowledge of Chinese Martial Arts / Etiquette, the laws of Wu De and the calibre of his school, he has my/our recognition that he is a fellow Sifu (or Shifu in Mandarin)”.

His final remark being – “I’m proud that Chinese Martial Arts is represented so well by him – he makes a good ambassador”!

SOMA was honoured that such comments were made by Shi Heng Xuan about our Founder and Sifu that included the School too. We thank him and Jer Jang for arranging these very unique visits.