Thamar Bovend’Eerdt
Shaolin Kempo Kung-fu

Since April 200I I have been training with the School of Martial Arts (S.O.M.A.) at the Brookes Sports Centre in Oxford.

In the Netherlands I have been doing Shaolin Kempo Kungfu for four years.

I like this Martial Art for its beauty, body control and explosiveness.

From a wide variety of Martial Arts in Oxford I chose SOMA because of its variety in the Chinese Martial Art styles.

Training sessions are based on possible real life situations and defending and attacking techniques are taught. The students are stimulated to think during the sessions about possible applications and the theory of techniques. Some students with gradings in other Martial Arts can show the class techniques in their own styles, which makes every session different.

The students range from beginners to the more experienced student and they are all very enthusiastic. The atmosphere is great and every session is a pleasure.

It is an honour for me to train with the School of Martial Arts.

Keep the balance!

‘Taco’ Bovend’Eerdt

October 2001-11-23