Gareth Mundy
Kiai Yamabushi Ryu
Sho Dan Ho (grade) 1st Dan Black Belt

This comprises three Japanese Warrior Arts: Shadow Warrior, Peasant Warrior and Samurai Warrior.

Training for 5 years with Dr. Adam Vile, Sensei 5th Dan.

I joined S.O.M.A. (School Of Martial Arts), two years ago – getting down as and when I can due to work.

I found that Eddy, the Sifu’s, ideals about Martial Arts to be very open, knowledgeable; he makes everyone welcome – no matter what your previous experience or grade.

The techniques and fighting systems shown, I found to be of the same common sense manner.

Whilst having never been placed in a situation in which I might be required to use these new techniques to me, there is no doubt in my mind, they will be incredibly effective.

I have attended other schools of martial arts throughout the years, training, in an attempt to build my repertoire, thus improving by my understanding.

However, I have found the techniques that are shown at SOMA to be one of the most effective;

It is also a pleasure, as an outsider, to be welcomed into the club with open arms, by all the students and other black belts who attend, also from other styles – working together to learn more about Martial Arts.

I have found these particular ‘San Sao’ and ‘Chi-Na’ fighting techniques and styles unlike any I have experienced or seen before, quite possibly due to their Chinese origin.


February 2000