To whom it may concern:

My name is Michael Radford. I am a Registrar in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

I have been attending the School of Martial Arts (S.O.M.A.) run by Dr.Digét for over 3 months. Initially I intended to try a martial art just in order to do ‘something different’, as I was bored with the other sports that I was doing. I tried a variety of options before trying S.O.M.A. by recommendation and I chose the above classes not only were they fun, but the most realistic in self defence I had seen.

I was worried that although I am fit, I am certainly not supple and that I would not be able to perform the obligatory leap of 10 feet into the air with the double back somersault rendering an opponent defenceless at 20 yards!

I need not have worried. The classes are all conducted along ‘what if’ scenarios e.g., What if someone grabs you from behind, or when you’re sitting down, tries to punch you in the face, etc.

It is for this reason, he told me he was contacting Hospitals per sé, that I believe that Dr.Digét would be an excellent tutor of very relevant self defence techniques for hospital staff employees.

I have worked in the NHS for 9 years now and although I have not been ‘heavily’ assaulted, or attacked as some of my more unfortunate colleagues, I have been very close to and all out attack on more than one occasion – and it is very frightening.

It is a very sad fact that those of us employed in frontline acute services are at such risk. It would be dangerous and untrue for me to say that in such a short period of time in undertaking this form of training, that I now feel competent to handle any adversary. However, ‘if’ an attack was launched within the framework of the techniques I have so far been taught.

I may well be able to do something in a limited way until help comes. I do feel that if confrontation is absolutely unavoidable the realistic environment in which he trains us, will be extremely useful knowing these basic techniques to help to control an aggressor with the minimum of risk to myself and my colleagues.

I therefore end with an unreserved recommendation that you consider giving Dr.Digét the opportunity to discuss and possibly show you some of the self – defence techniques / skills studied over 30 years, these he has taught to the Special Branch Police and ‘Green Students’ such as myself and colleagues in a Hospital setting.

Yours faithfully,
Signed by Michael Radford FRCS