Yu-Wei (Steven) Lu
2nd Dan Black Belt Aikido
2nd Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
1st Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate
1st Dan Black Belt Kendo + (studied Kendo-Jitsu too)

I have been studying martial arts since the age of 5 years.

My first martial art was Shotokan Karate and I reached my 1st Dan by the age of 8 years.

I then moved on to study the ancient Japanese sword art – Kendo and achieved 1st Dan by the age of 10.

Wanting to improve my kicking I decided to study the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do and reached my 2nd Dan after intensive training every day.

However, one day whilst sparring, I lost to an opponent whose background was Aikido and I was very surprised and attracted by the techniques he applied, peaceful and dynamic, and decided to study Aikido – the characteristics are totally different from the arts I had studied in the past.

Some 3 years ago I came to Brookes and was keen to find a martial art, which I had never studied before

The moment I saw Sifu (Eddy) demonstrating Chinese Kung Fu at the Sports Fair – the fluency and usefulness of his techniques had caught my eye – I decided to join his class

When I attended his class, I was more surprised by the way he taught it.

It was so unique; he taught students situation by situation rather than technique by technique and encouraged us to contribute ideas or to question his teaching. Compared with other martial arts, I have found Sifu’s way of teaching extremely practical

I personally would recommend to those people who are either beginners or experienced in martial arts to try out this class, if possible, because I can guarantee you the more you learn, especially from this Sifu, the more profitable your martial art career will become

Thank You Eddy

Yu-Wei (Steven) Lu

“Steven’s father is recognised as the top Aikido ‘Master’ in his Country”